Making a Financial Support...

Dear Sir/Madam

  We sincerely appreciate your constant consideration toward cycle sports activity for the Japanese disabled.

  Japan Cycle Association for the Disabled (JCAD) would like to cordially ask for financial support. Please allow us to inform you of our background and current status.

  JCAD ever since its establishment in 1990 has provided cycling opportunities to those who had never been given the opportunity and has vigorously disseminated the sport to disabled people. As time went by, cyclists who cannot confine themselves only in recreational cycling and who want to do more "competitive" cycling began to appear.
 Japan made its debut in Paralympic cycling in 1996 Atlanta Games as two cerebral palsy cyclists entered world' highest competition. They successfully won one gold and two bronze medals.

  Having gone through long and "unbelievably" hard training, a vision-impaired teamed up with a sighted pilot won a gold and a silver medal at 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. The duo reached the gold by smashing world record. Setting new world record was the first time in Japan's cycle sports history.

  Sydney Games over, however, the aspiration of motivated cyclists does not seem to die down; it is growing bigger. Moreover, ambitious athletes who want to get involved into cycling have appeared one after another.

  Year 2001 marks the first step toward 2004 Athens Paralympic Games. In September, 2001 European Championship Cycling is going to be held in Switzerland, which reminds us that severe competition for Athens has already begun. Three Japanese cyclists (including a tandem pilot) have already made entry to the championship with their own money.

  In an effort to ensure better performance in Paralympic Games, JCAD has been engaged in a variety of activities; dissemination, training camp, sponsoring National Championship, participation in international competitions, and so on. As Olympic medalists are provided, we are planning to provide financial reward to Paralympic medalists; because we believe there should not be any different treatment between Olympic and Paralympic cyclists. Quality and significance of efforts made by them are same.

  Our current situation, however, is not sufficient to conduct these many things which are essential to compete in worldwide level. We have to confess that we have reached the limits of individual endeavor when we are only with some amount of subsidy and each individual's own income through his/her occupation. 

  JCAD believes that those disabled, who have gone through a number and variety of ordeals but who have discovered a hope named "Cycle Sports" and have struggled in training under unfavorable environment aiming to show their best performance in the world wide stage, should not be discouraged by financial problems. With your hearty donation, we hope to help our cyclists reach their goal and make a social contribution by promoting cycle sports among the disabled.

How to Make a Donation to JCAD:

Please transfer your donation to the following bank account of JCAD;

Payee's Bank: TMitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Shinitabashi Branch
Acount (Ordinary): 0334983
Payee Name: KIKUCHI, Toyoaki, Nihon Syogaisya Jitensya Kyoukai
(Japanese equivalent to Japan Cycling Association for the Disabled)

Please email to us after you made a transfer. E-mail

    When you make a financial support to Japan Cycling Association for the Disabled you will be sure that
your donation will make a big difference to the quality and quantity of training and opportunities we provide to cyclists who are disabled but are struggling with a bright hope.

Even a small scale donation will help us keep a hopeful light on. With you, we would like to aim to the top of the world.  

Yours respectfully,

Akira Kurihara
Japan Cycle Association for the Disabled