JCAD Membership Registration

Dear fellow cyclists,
 As a cyclist, you can easily imagine how frastrated it would be if you were not blessed with cycling opportunities and if you were not provided fair treatment even though you had performed super, for example, winning a gold in the most prestigious competition. Many of our disabled cyclists are in the situation.

 When we are in the unfavorable environment, your consideration and support, even in a small scale, will encourage us to do challenge more.

 Just registering yourself in JCAD membership and sending annual fee will become a great contribution to our cyclists who want to share the enjoyment with you.

JCAD Annual Membership Registration Fee: ¥2,500 (Japanese Yen)
Payee's Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Shinitabashi Branch
Acount (Ordinary): 0334983
Payee Name: KIKUCHI, Toyoaki, Nihon Syogaisya Jitensya Kyoukai
(Japanese equivalent to Japan Cycling Association for the Disabled)

Annual fee will be spent for;
Sponsoring domestic races, purchasing and maintaining cycle equipment, training, web site, transportation to oversea competitions, etc. Less income means less expendituire to these activities. Without your support, we will not be able to survive through fierce competition.

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